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Give it extra time to pee and poop. Same problem, when take outside to do her business she shakes, looks scared. I have been taking her out to go potty when we wake up in the morning, and sometimes I hear her barking in the night and take her out (I learned my lesson and don’t ignore the bark) last time I did she peed on the bed. Doggie diapers have saved my house and my sanity! If you simply can’t cope anymore better to send them to a re homing centre . So since then we walk at least a mile, twice a day st least and he lives for his walks. They can be stubborn little things. I brought my chi home, he was only 6 weeks…he doesn’t pee in his crate and wines to go out at night…however during the day if I don’t monitor him while he is out, he will use the bathroom in the house! He sits on my porch, and bites me if I pick him up! Deer Head vs Apple Head Chihuahua: What’s the Difference? Make sure there is a comfortable bedding and maybe a dog toy or whatever other items your chihuahua enjoys. Chihuahua Pictures and Visitor Photo Gallery. With that, your Chihuahua will not be a stranger to the outside world even when it grows up and spends most of its time inside your home. After cleaning it I have started putting her blankets over there and since she’s associated it with sleep she’s stopped. How To Potty Train Chihuahua. My rescue female puppy was IMPOSSIBLE to train. They are outside a very good portion of the day and have enough time to potty but they still go potty inside! After you see them peeing or pooping inside the house, tell them "No!" Have you had any success with this since your post? This could be outside, in a crate, or on a potty pad. Huge 120 lb dog male. Not our first dog. We’ve had her a week tomorrow. They’re so damn stubborn, but you have to be more stubborn than they are 😀, I’m going through the same thing and I love him but I’m ready to take him to the pound I have had him since he was 4 weeks old he is now 3 months old I just cannot get him house broken. Training a dog to stop biting. Develop a System to Potty Train . The same applies to potty training. Please can you help? Whether you were responsible or you are just taking over from someone else, it is important to analyze what are the bad attitudes that your dog is now used to. Try not to hurt the dog, don’t push too hard. Rule Out the Possibilities of any Health Concerns . Or keep it as only in the morning night and after it eats ? Firstly, start by understanding what mistakes were made during the original training. They use the puppy pads. I have tested it, and it does work. Chihuahuas are quite emotional, and verbally telling them "no" while pointing at them is all it takes to get the message across. A crate that's just large enough for your Chihuahua to stand up and turn around in. I rescued a two year old Chiweenie who started out very well with potty training, then fell of the wagon. It’s just unfamiliar territory. I've done a fair amt. If I am away, I have a pet sitter let her out. Then one day, We we’re outside having a cig and talking about ways to put roof over patio and all sudden, Hiro was at my side sniffing around. ill see her sniffing around and take her to the pads and she will try and wait me out till im distracted and go where she wants to go. These items are necessary to encourage good behavior, as well as prevent bad behavior. It's easy to feel lost and confused when you first bring your Chihuahua home. It didn’t take long for her to get a clue about her “rights” to my house. We have two 10 week old chis. Decide where you want your adult Chihuahua to eliminate. Danielle has this worked for you. To each their own. HELP PLEASE SUGGESTIONS? Chihuahuas can be a very stubborn breed, especially when it comes to housebreaking. Don’t allow her to run around yet. Do you have puppy pads? I hope this helps and don’t give up on her, you are likely one of the few people that care about this little dog who desperately needs your help to find her way into a normal life. I wanna keep her but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Step 4. The lady at the check in. with her potty, bed, food and water bowls, and toys inside. My chi is pretty much potty trained, she will ask to go out but my problem is I’m trying my best to crate train her and she pees in it every time. Potty them outside first thing in AM and after eating, playing, and sleeping. I told her because I wanted him to know that his last breath. As stated above, it's crucial that you begin teaching them the basics of where using the bathroom is acceptable and where it's not. Hi, Sheri, I’m Kane. Firmly say bad dog and no each time b4 putting in kennel for at least hour or two. Case in point: Snickers is a 4-year-old Pomeranian mix who was owned by an elderly man who passed away.The man’s family either didn’t want or couldn’t take in Snickers, so a rescue group placed him in a new home. Decide where you want your adult Chihuahua to eliminate. Then tasks such as chihuahua crate training and basic commands such as sit, down, stay, come, heel etc. The reason why crates are such an effective potty-training tool is because you can confine them to it anytime you're unable to watch them. I say when you take out you chi, you should say “go potty” and eventually they will learn that when you say “go potty” they will know it’s time to go outside. Older dogs especially, can develop many conditions that can increase the need to go or lose control of their bladder muscles. It doesn’t take long for a dog—a species that has been domesticated for thousands of years and that lives to be with humans—to figure out what behavior gets the most benefits. I am worried that since she was too little when we got here that is why. Naturally, most Chihuahuas won't use the bathroom in the same crate where they sleep and rest. To train a chihuahua, give it treats and praise whenever it does something right, and avoid punishing or yelling at it since chihuahuas respond best to positive reinforcement. The female is pretty good, but my little male is stinks most of the time since he’s a LH and always has pee on his fur. Chihuahua Vaccine and Booster Shot Schedule, Chihuahua Tear Stains: Causes, Prevention and Treatment, Chihuahua Names: Top 100 Boy and Girl Names, 60 Amazing Facts About Chihuahuas That You Didn’t Know, How To Identify and Treat Ear Infections In Chihuahuas, What To Expect From a Chihuahua’s Heat Cycle. One, he tends to want to go after bigger dogs, and they usually back away amazingly , but I cannot seem to get him to realize most dogs will be his friend. She now sleeps with me at night without any problems. Every time (it was exhausting) she went pee on neighborhood walks I’d say “good potty!” Over and over again. I’m nearly one year old. Maybe that can help you if anything let me know!! I now have a crate and she holds it while she’s in there and when she gets out uses it on the floor not her pad. Take your Chihuahua directly to the designated elimination place first thing in the morning and last thing at night. She will not pee/poop outside. If they only sit and cry, sit in front of the door, and make no noise. Some owners are under the impression that forcing a small Chihuahua to stay cooped up inside a crate is cruel and inhumane. Learning how to house train an older dog can be both more and less challenging than potty training a puppy. How to potty train a Chihuahua Chihuahua potty training should start the moment you bring the tiny dog home. Be Her Village. We now share house with a German shepherd (female) and two cats. I have a male chihuahua over a year old. Won’t do her business. 3months or a year, do this every few hours until he/she gets it. We have a 6 week old chi, vet says is very healthy. But I also don’t want to give her up. Unless you plan on keeping your furry four-legged friend in a fenced-in backyard (not recommended), you'll have to teach them to use the bathroom outside the house and not inside. Vet says to pick it up quickly which we do. I realized if I was out there with him, he would go. Hi there, I have a one year old chihuahua who we had when she was six months. My new family brought me home 2 weeks ago today. I feel something outside may have scared her. You can use this to your advantage by instilling the basic potty-training commands in your Chihuahua's head. I have him as a service dig(comfort) legally;) but it’s hard to take him with me as he is pretty good usually but if some gentleman or teen up I guess, he will snap at them. We just bought a brand new home and she’s starting to ruin our brand new carpet that’s ive already had to clean twice and it freaken reaks of piss. We didn’t want to take her sooner than 8 weeks but there were circumstances beyond our control and since she’s bonded to my daughter we felt like bringing her home was the best option of a bad situation. However, when I walk outside, he won’t move. I need help, open to anyadvice !!! Even without a crate, you can confine your dog to a small area in the home at night and when you’re gone. I have a 5 yr old Chihuahua that I got from an old lady that just let her go anywhere she wants. and walk them outside. But it did t work. Still, it’s your responsibility to take the dog out regularly and minutes the water consumption. for the very most part, she does use her potty, and I have only had her a few days. Luckily, my daughter met her the day she was born and visited her daily so by the time the breeder told us to come get her, my daughter was her person. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY & PARENTING, How to Use Crate Training for Potty Training, How to Train Rottweilers as Guard Dogs using Common Sense, Information on the Menstrual Cycle of a Chihuahua. She knows to ask to go outside to pee, but she doesn’t like wet or cold weather. Hi, I have a 1-year-old Chihuahua Male and ever since I got him he has went to the bathroom in my house. I have a female Chihuahua that has been using the bathroom inside after I bring her outside. My question is will I be fighting a losing battle getting a pup. Thus if you ask a Chihuahua to "sit" and it rewarded when it does, it learns that doing something which comes naturally(sitting) can earn a tasty reward. I dont understand what went wrong. A stern “No!” (Not screaming, not yelling) is enough for them to get that you’re displeased, and if you catch them AFTER the fact, well, I don’t know if they, especially puppies who are just LEARNING the ropes, can’t know what they are being scolded for! As the owner of three Chihuahuas myself, I frequently find my Chis hiding in their crates even with they are allowed to roam the house free. I have two regular chihuahuas, two siblings, one boy and one girl. Sounds just like my girl. I adopted a 7 yr old Chawawa mix from the shelter a week ago. My grandmother does not believe anything is wrong, and that she is just the “alpha dog”, so she has to look at her surroundings. And winter in a shed is going to be hell for them. Use the fake grass. Don’t want to have to take her back to the shelter. I take him out regularly after he eats, naps, and so on and he always pees. They spend plenty of time outside 4 times a day at least but still will poop the minute they come into the house in a hidden place if I let them roam . One can also walk them to give them a chance to eliminate which can also be seen as a reward for pets. I am handicapped so she is harnessed when I take her. If you don’t have a small room, put a baby fence around it, unless you want to cover a bigger room with the puppy pads. 1-2 boxes of small milk bone treats for rewarding good behavior. She follows the older chi’s. Some dogs will see outdoor time as play time. If you haven’t had any problems previously and now your older dog is peeing indoors, it is a good idea to check with your vet to rule out anything serious.

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