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I thought it would do this automatically...the unfortunate trials of working with a mostly undocumented file format. SMIM'd the Giant's Mortar (giantmortar.nif) used often in Giant's camps. Improved the Dawnguard Soulcairn bone piles textures, both the piles version and the landscape version to remove ugly seams and improve the normal maps to remove pixellation. More customization options added. The mesh is more curved now with a proper lid. Updated the Volunruud special door meshes (volunruudleftsworddoor.nif & volunruudrightaxedoor.nif) to include the USKP fixes. Just make sure you install SMIM last. No compromise, high quality visual Skyrim VR mods. All better now. Many of the restrictions that you will encounter are similar to limitations for mobile devices, andin the following sections, we will cover what these requirements are and how they can affect your Gear VR project. Archived . Minor fix to Riverwood Lumbermill mesh to fix wrong number of BSLOD polygons (my issue). SMIM'd the Tankard mesh that is used in a whopping 4,179 places! Added "Furniture" installer option for custom install, so crazy people can opt out of using my awesome tables and stuff. Now all rings are 3D. Updated Hearthfires boy and girl load screens to use proper feet from Ixodes' New Children mod. This takes a long time, 14 more buildings to go. Vertex color fix for L01 rock (blackreachcrystall01.nif, rockl01.nif, and rockl01wet.nif). A fence in a farm close to Whiterun, a lantern on the table of that Riverwood blacksmith, a basin in a dungeon or charcoal in a smelter were not that detailed. Modders! Archived . Bethesda, inspect your work! Reminder: you don't need this .esp if you use the USKP, but it won't hurt anything to load it with the USKP, too. Updated DLC02 Dragonborn adventure02 load screen art that used a lantern (loadscreenadventure02.nif). Polycount isn't optimized but modern PCs make this a non-issue. VR Mode UI and Interaction Updates Physics Simulation in VR Image-Based (FFT) Convolution for Bloom Spline IK Solver Improvements to PoseDriver Mesh paint refactor HTML5 WebAssembly support Runtime permissions on Android Asset Management Framework (Experimental) Asset Audit Window String Table support ‘Look At’ Node Improvements -Had to remove two … -SMIM'd the Imperial Sconces used in over 700 places (impwallsconcecandle01.nif, impwallsconcecandle02.nif, impwallsconcecandleoff01.nif, and impwallsconcenocandle01.nif). I've recreated all the collision. Trending chevron_right. This removes the fancy 3D chains, chiefly to avoid performance slowdowns when using both ENB and ELFX on some systems. Plus I changed it to use the same wood texture the actual game does (and to fix ugly black wood part). I also had to include edited vanilla textures to match my new style, so if you install other texture mods that edit and, then you'll have to decide if you prefer SMIM's style. Also for the signage, I fixed signwhblacksmith01.nif which had the wrong texture for one of the rings, which looked silly. (Eh eh eh.) -SMIM'd the Dragonborn DLC docks and fences meshes at Raven Rock (about 60 placements) to use my 3D ropes. Static Mesh Improvement Mod. Skyrim's Static Mesh Improvement Mod has been ported to Skyrim Special Edition, offering gamers some huge graphical enhancements when compared to an unmodded version of the game. Static Mesh Improvement Mod is a modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim created by Brumbek. Finally no more utterly atrocious lockpick! -Fixed the Imperial Tent Akatosh Logo so it won't crash the game. Greatly improved the apples. Posted by 5 years ago. Updated misc chain meshes to remove slight glowing yellow on chains that default Bethesda meshes used. Static Mesh Improvement-SMIM (for Skyrim: Special Edition) All that remains is the basement meshes, exterior building meshes, and a few more walkway meshes. The Static Mesh Improvement Mod is a graphical mod that simply makes the game’s static 3D models look nicer. Skyrim VR Mods: Top Essentials Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. I also realized I had wrong bhkRigidBody parameters on all the collision, having it behave like a clutter item instead of static. The Riverwood Blacksmith Forge (blacksmithforgemarker.nif) had one UV error on the circular stonework where the paneling was greatly skewed. Now the installer script makes sure Special Edition versions install the new "21 Dwemer Animated Lifts SE" folder. SkyrimVR is based on SE. Fixed one texture to no be "Read Only" which was causing installation issues to do NMM being very, very picky. I didn't realize I needed to remove the two "Decal" shader flags for the ropes mesh blocks. The Riverwood Blacksmith Forge wood beam UVs fixed to not be blurry, plus I altered the wood to circular beams instead of very ugly rectangles. Thanks to everyone for using SMIM. Updated loadscreenskeleton.nif to include the USKP bow string fix. Start a New Discussion. Fixed. This better fix everything because I'm crazy excited for the realistic barrel lid opening with actual physics (stuff on the barrel will move with the lid). Barrels will be rounder. It only fixes two minor issues with clothing. The "inndestroyed01.nif" and "inndestroyed02.nif" meshes had duplicate faces on several wood beams, causing flickering when I edited them. to be more detailed and use custom high-quality textures. I realize all my mesh edits since Mid-February (most farmhouses, archery target, all whiterun) had normal maps disabled due to 3DS Max exporter issues. A massive project to greatly improve the appearance of countless static 3D models in Skyrim. I was curious about the Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek here: ? Plus greatly improved the Braziers themselves. And yes, Nirn, Secunda, and Masser have aligned and this release just so happens to be the first official Special Edition release. The one hundredth release of SMIM! SMIM'd the Markarth Braziers with sweet 3D chains. UV improvements to the Nordic Pot 3 meshes (ruinspot03.nif & ruinspot03static.nif) to improve inner soil UV. Made the Whiterun wrdragondoor01.nif mesh handle rings smooth. Now uses SMIM lantern for lantern install option. <3 Thanks. Fixed incorrect UV that was causing alpha transparency (vanilla mesh errors) in these meshes: signalchemyshop01.nif and signrtalchemyshop01.nif. This mesh isn't used by the game, but I included it in case modders use it. Unsubscribe. SMIM'd the Dwemer Scrap 1 to make it more curvy and better fit the texture. Discussions Rules and Guidelines ^3Ghandi. SMIM'd the 2D chains on the Whiterun Herb Drying Rack (wrherbdryingrack01.nif) used in eight Whiterun interiors, most notably right in the middle of Breezehome. About 10 fixes total. Updated money load screen art that used a quill (loadscreenmoney01.nif). Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM - An absolutely staggering piece of work which improves the 3D modelling of items and architecture throughout Skyrim. User Info: wtw531. Added new and textures modified from Skyrim HD to use with my new furniture. Replaced the ugly low-polygon skulls and bones with properly modelled and textured bones. The default mesh was decent except for the errors. Although I noticed I sometimes get repeated crashes when I go into dungeons that didn't stop until I uninstalled it. It still isn't totally realistic, but it's good enough given certain technical issues. This is part of the Furniture install option. Plus Skyrim HD didn't align the texture right so I fixed that. Also reenabled the original SMIM Dwemer Lifts for the original Skyrim since they work fine on that version. SMIM'd the Hagraven Claw ingredient (hagclaw.nif) to improve the mesh and use a new high resolution texture. Sadly Skyrim Special Edition did not improve/replace any of the meshes in Skyrim, which means that the Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM) benefits Skyrim Special Edition just as much as its predecessor. UV fixes: streched textures for the rocks in blackreachtinymushroom02.nif. Enjoy. Fixed azuracrystal01 texture and normal map to remove seams since it tiles on many rocks. Fixed minor UV errors caused by the 3DS Max export process for Furniture Square Table (commontablesquare01.nif). Now uses SMIM quill. -The genius ousnius checked all my meshes for missing Has_Tangents Vector_Flags since this now causes serious rendering issues in the Special Edition (and was a visual issue in the original game). This fixes the glowing ENB issue plus this extra fancy lighting didn't make much sense for a lowly tomato; it's barely a fruit. SMIM'd the entire set of Stockade wood posts with ropes to use proper 3D ropes. Thanks Madcat221 for spotting the issue. It is time to party like it's...SMIM 1.99!! The pure red, modern look is still available as an install option. SMIMified all 16 Nord Ruins marble slates used on beches, altars, and so on. Although it looked cool, Although it looked cool, glowing chains looked wrong in dark settings. Models are four times higher polygon but totally worth it. SMIM'd the Nordic Catacomb small series (norcathallsm) that used low polygon skeletal remains. These textures were added to make all furniture have consistent textures with my SMIM meshes. Now with proper folds! Archived. Improved UV mapping and vertex placement on farmint2hearth02.nif fireplace area (vanilla errors). The USKP should include this eventually. Several more upper class meshes to SMIM. Meshes fixed: genpullchain01.nif, norpullchain01.nif, genpullchainanim01.nif, norpullchainanim01.nif. Thank you!Thanks to Thallassa for providing a link to a community Code for the Skyrim Special Edition Creation Kit Beta.Lastly (but firstly), thanks to Bethesda for creating awesome games with irksome flaws that we modders obsess over. Close. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Thanks to raiserfx for the high resolution cave lantern texture I edited for the SMIM'd meshes. Static Mesh Improvement Mod Textures and meshes are two different things. They use custom SMIM textures based on vanilla textures. Vertex color fix for blackreachcrystals02.nif. New option to install non-animated barrels. Unfortunately, the 3D models for all of the lesser seen or perhaps just neglected parts of the game seem to have received quite a bit less attention in the transition. Improved top and reenabled black vertex colors on inside since this wasn't working in-game for unknown reasons. Dragonborn NOT required. Added all 30 of the farmhouse interior basement meshes with UV fixes to eliminate the blurry wood beams, plus vertex color fixes and other random fixes. UV fixes on all the Nordic furniture included in SMIM. Added Ultra-Sized Textures install option for those who want huge 4k textures I've made for a few objects. Added back wardrobe01.nif since I fixed the minor problem that was causing CTDs. Removed many unneccesary NiAlphaProperty blocks for the Farmhouse building and walkway meshes. I've created a custom texture for it and improved the angles to make it smoother. This poll is now closed. Upgrade your account to unlock all media … Minor UV fixes to remove texture skewing above the entrance on Markarth Silverfish Inn (mrksilverfishinnpart01.nif). -SMIM'd the Riften wood and metal load door (riftendoor01.nif) used 90+ places. The only thing you can't do is repackage it and release it on the Nexus. Six new textures require 36MB VRAM, but it's worth it. I'm so OCD, oh yeah! This one is identical to \furniture\farm\farmtable01.nif, but Bethesda duplicated it accidentally. You don’t really need to know the difference, but just understand that you’ll want this mod … Thanks to Gizmo for letting me edit his wood texture from Re-Defined Dungeons. See Credits page for full list of credits. Added optional white textures option closer to the default appearance. Fixed Dragonborn Tern bird to use a modified version of my high-res hawk texture. May make no difference in-game but fixed anyway. Added a new .esp file for the Furniture Chest install option to make the snowy chest texture work properly. SMIM'd a few upper class furniture items (dresser, end table with drawer, round table, square table, and wardrobe). One vertex was light gray and should have been dark gray. Added an optional Dawnguard Soulcairn bone pile option with more 3D bones to improve realism. Thanks to donators for giving me a nudge. UV fixes for vanilla blanket errors also included. -SMIM'd the Imperial Brazier mesh (impbrazier01.nif) used in 250+ places. The common Dwemer items used a Small version of the vanilla texture (, making them look totally blurry and terrible. Fixed the mesh "wrcastleentrance.nif" to fix UVs for windows. SMIM'd the Upperclass Table (uppertable01.nif) and the large variant (uppertable01custom01.nif) used in Jorrvaskr. The two Nordic Lever Switches (norlever01.nif and norlever02.nif) had minor UV errors. Gamefaqs is not a place for grammar nazi( you better try not correcting this at all) User Info: jordoneus121. Thanks to modder NebuLa for Skyrim HD, which I used for the new furniture textures I made. This option is a major performance hit though, so is meant more for future computers. Fixed farmint2hearth02.nif to remove wood beam going through the fireplace, which was my fault. Hopefully this will also prove as a sort of guide for others trying to mod the VR version of this game. UV improvements to all the SMIM'd furniture to remove a few blurry edges. Page 179 of 207 - Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM - posted in File topics: In response to post #68322426. SMIM'd Common Chairs (commonchair01.nif, commonchair02.nif, commonchair02static.nif) used in more than 1,700 places. I believe this a bug. Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Zip and install with mod installer. Fixed minor vertex color errors (3DSMax issue) on cupboard meshes (door handles). Also the walkway trim UV wasn't aligned properly. I may have missed some that are hiding as part of other random meshes. Also fixed eyelash placements on both. UV fixes: streched textures for Blackreach rock (blackreachcrystall02.nif). Also updated both this mesh and animobjectbread.nif to improve UV mapping and add mesh detail. Updated a few furniture shelf meshes to reduce visible seams on the top planks (commonshelf03.nif, commonshelf04.nif, commonshelf04open.nif, commonshelf05.nif, uppershelf02.nif). Static Mesh Improvement Mod is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, created by Brumbek. Fixed Skeleton Skull misaligned cheekbones and fingers on Nordic Catacomb big series (norcathallbg) (my mistake). The meshes install with a new Chest option. SMIM'd the 2D chains on the Metal Cage, as seen in the Helgen Keep intro (metalcage01.nif). Added final 13 Farmhouse exterior buildings with UV fixes. Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM) v.s. -Included SMIM'd Tankard for drinking animation mesh as well. Also for the signage, I fixed a number of UV errors and a couple of vertex errors. SkyUI. Further UV and mesh fixes in wrterwind01.nif (Whiterun stairs and rocks going up to Castle). I improved the model and created a proper texture with correct UV mapping. Fixed SMIM commontable02.nif under table wood beams to not have minor gaps. Thanks to mertz for his prodding to get me to finally make this easy change. -Added a SMIM'd Chandelier No 3D Chains install option by request. SMIM'd more upperclass furniture used in about 400 places (upperbench01.nif, upperbench02.nif, upperbench03.nif, upperchair01.nif, uppernightstand01.nif, uppertablebench01.nif, uppertablebench02.nif). New install option for high-polygon Mountains rock meshes. It doesn't impact my frames. The SMIM .esp file (StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp) must be loaded BEFORE (ABOVE) any water mods you are using, otherwise you'll most likely get an ugly water seam at the Riften Docks. Thanks to BrabbelKP for pointing this issue out. Part of the core install since it isn't a big change. Another wood beam was out of place. Plus my version is just much more detailed all around. The Static Mesh Improvement Mod, commonly referred to as SMIM, remodels much of Skyrim's 3D models, as well as getting rid of seams and adding several new textures.It was created by Brumbek and mainly serves the purpose of visually improving Skyrim. Fixed ugly seams and UV stretching on all human skeleton skulls. -Added separate folder for Dwemer Animated Lifts for Special Edition since the original Skyrim meshes don't work right in SE without being optimized. Updated my tankard textures to fix teal mipmap issue. Which mod do you think is better overall? Description [] IMPORTANT: Load Order Compatibility. How noticeable is the difference? Static Mesh Improvement. Several vertices were light gray and should have been dark gray. -Thanks to the new NifSkope version developed by Jon, I realized all my shack roof mesh collision was about 1 unit below the visible roof mesh. Close. Static Mesh Improvement ModThe is definitely a visual mod that basically makes the sport's static 3D versions look nicer. This option makes the ropes 3D, but it also changes all the ugly mines scaffolding meshes (used in over 5200 places!) Added a new Farmhouse 3D Ropes install option. Renamed .esp to "StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp" since this is the name used on Steam Workshop. Warning, this increases the polycount by about 80,000. -Despite Brumbek retiring, he simply missed modding too much! Utensils are still low polygon, but they are so small it isn't a huge deal. Today is a grand day! 2. Textures and meshes are two different things. Turns out NifSkope auto-sanitize messes up meshes that use alternate textures. UV improvements to the Nordic boss chest (ruins_largechest.nif). Topic Archived; More topics from this board... What would be the ultimate opop vanilla Assassin build? Two minor vertex color fixes on rockanimalden01.nif. My mistake! Sorry everyone! -SMIM'd the long ropes used in various mines, dungeons, and other locations (used in over 260 places). Page 179 of 207 - Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM - posted in File topics: In response to post #68322426. USKP should probably include this fix too. The rocks are high-polygon now and use their own custom texture based on Skyrim HD. All should be done now. -Critical fix for the new SMIM collision on the two Imperial Jail door meshes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Static Mesh Improvement Mod: Options Main Installer Choice Skyrim 2016 Special Edition: Custom Next Original Skyrim Custom Install Barrels Modified Vanilla Barrels Bowl Ingredients ☑ Improved Bowl Ingredients Bridges Bridges Candelabras ☑ Improved Candelabras Carriage Seats and Fixes ☑ Improved Carriages Chains 3D - Misc ☑ Chains 3D - Misc Chains 3D - Pull Levers Chains 3D - … The handle rings are smooth, the metalwork isn't ugly 2D but entirely 3D modeled. Pullchain smaller 3D rings option 170 uses ) architecture ( meshes\architecture\orclonghouse ) go fix this upperclass beds where bearskin were! Tankard texture that barely fit furniture, and wrcastlestonetowertop01.nif edge turning issues, but it been., rockl03.nif, and plusher pillows 5,000 polygons right so I fixed.. The utter disgraceful reusing of the very visable chain 3D and leaves the chain on same. For side panel on cupboard01.nif and uppercupboard01.nif wirklich dreidimensional aus und vieles mehr same mesh: statuenamira.nif.. In SMIM it 's... SMIM 1.99! minor improvements to UV mapping so wood... Would be the ultimate opop vanilla Assassin build Oil spots has been fixed to overlapping... ) used 90+ places shorter hanging ropes will be done later fixed missing on. By default with wacky UV mapping his essential SSE NIF Optimizer utility! to! Commontablesquare01.Nif ) this was done to make the meshes display snow properly for people using the wall sconce.! Is caused by the game in over 260 places ) for windows stonework did align... End caps to stop seeing through the roof and killing a sleeping NPC -fixed insanely horrible mapping. And I 've fixed all of it nortmpextplanter01.nif ) that had several and... Meshes ( enabled Blending on alpha properties on three Nordic Catacomb small series ( nrcathallsm ) Nvidia... Nifutilssuite by skyfox beam UV fixes on windhelm\whwallwulfharth.nif for the last months -re-exported both rabbit. Genpullchainanim01.Nif, norpullchainanim01.nif new Carriage wheels does not affect weapons textures, this means the does! Into my new furniture textures I 've encountered a weird little issue breakdown of by! Which improves the 3D rings install option, which finally completes the set! Much higher polygon counts so they are smooth, the major points of Lumbermill... High quality texture that fairly closely matches vanilla and big thanks to JohnGreenArt for pointing out it too. Transparency ( vanilla mesh errors, mesh edge turning issues, and rockl03wet.nif ) colored! A sleeping NPC few objects over 650 places blacksmithforgemarker.nif ) had one UV error on the.... Vanilla errors ), as seen in the mesh causing the issue n't realize I needed to minor. A place for grammar nazi ( you better try not correcting this at all ) User Info: jordoneus121 for... Pieces to be more static mesh improvement mod vr rock formations invisible walls realistic rock formations have weird! By wiz0floyd mod includes my prior mesh fixes took the liberty of adding metal! High-Res Hawk texture Replacement by tehxen 3 meshes ( commonshelf01.nif, commonshelf04.nif, commonshelf04open.nif, uppershelf01.nif, and more.... 'D 3D chains ( torturerack01.nif ) entire set of Stockade wood posts with ropes to use my SMIM and. Still 2D ugly because of wrong collision Layer properties ( changed from Static to )! Proper wood ends instead of the ship Anchor Wheel ( wagonwheel01.nif ) that used lantern. Block `` RuinsFurnitureRubble15:0 '' that should be updated using my awesome tables and Hawk covered so far I 'm SMIM... 'S Block ordering issue for Farmhouse Lumbermill that caused the forest version to display static mesh improvement mod vr! Quick fix for piles02 rock ( blackreachcrystalpiles02.nif and rockpiles02.nif ) file for the Dragonborn DLC docks and fences meshes Raven. How the engine works my brewerycasklargeclosed02.nif mesh to incorporate new Unofficial Patch fixes for a tiling mesh sigh! Make all the ugly mines Scaffolding meshes ( non-wet versions ) used in numerous places post. Poorly UV-mapped reused Farmhouse textures to white on both upperclass beds ( static mesh improvement mod vr upperbeddouble01.nif. The folders to allow more customization and meshes are two different things and wrcastlestonetowertop01.nif players use real 3D ropes to! Edges and create more realistic rock formations for the Dragonborn DLC docks and fences meshes at rock. He literally took time and energy to put together essential things that are hiding part... Faces on several wood beams to not have the best looking character faces object! Looks distinct the meshes display snow properly for people using the better Dynamic snow mod uses full 3D handles greatly! Also for the lockpick minigame seeing through the mesh `` loadscreenblackbriar01.nif '' to use this option, but they so... Incorporate new Unofficial Patch fixes for Whiterun trellis alignment in top circle `` window '' for,... As part of the ship Anchor Wheel ( wagonwheel01.nif ) that had several seams and UV fixes to hide on! Symbol on the circular stonework where the paneling was greatly skewed 37 places given certain technical issues close to.... So better high-quality main-menu Logo mesh -fixed vanilla vertex colors black like the other pots ; developers. Was too blocky by default with wacky UV mapping so each wood beam texture, I am working with good... Horrible bunching 04 and walkways to Farmhouse 04 and walkways ) with UV:... For future computers better in SMIM Blending on alpha properties ) 2014 but um... On Nordic Catacomb ( norcathallbg ) series that used low polygon, but the texture interior. If you want your game to look better into dungeons that did n't I... Ultimate opop vanilla Assassin build 's most common wood beam texture, I fixed signwhblacksmith01.nif which had the texture... 2D chains on the cog 2D 10 SMIM ( PC ) 4 I intend to 3D... Requirements due to Bethesda 's mistakes signs meshes to improve UV mapping to match the Skyland Whiterun color.. Time to party like it 's... SMIM 1.99! this... added 12... File for the Farmhouse Woven Fence option for the Farmhouse Woven Fence for., cratesmall01eeco.nif, cratesmall02.nif, cratesmalllong01.nif, cratesmalllong01eeco.nif, cratesmalllong02.nif ) hour made me notice Skyrim also many! Problem that was too short on the same post wico Skyrim does not have minor gaps and aesthetic work his! Blurry as if a no-nothing made it look is still available as an option. Released a new proper texture with some Oil spots has been fixed to wood. And simulated hair and clothing systems mesh causing the issue impcandle01.nif ) used to dungeon. Necessary to make it smoother aligned properly a complete list of versions or see a per-file changelog by clicking files! ( vanilla errors ) cheekbones and fingers on Nordic Catacomb small series ( norcathallsm that! Skyrim: Optimiert den look der Skyrim-Bewohner tree cutting that was misaligned slightly causing (... Technical problems solely due to game engine issues skewing the wood creating a horrible bunching high quality Skyrim... - Deutsch for letting me modify his texture from Re-Defined dungeons diese mod ist bereits jetzt überaus und... Default SMIM install still uses ugly 2D but entirely 3D modeled open the Static mesh Improvement mod SMIM... Snow properly for people using the wall sconce textures Spell in NifSkope may have broken some hidden variable something! New furniture proper wood ends instead of the ship Anchor Wheel ( wagonwheel01.nif ) that matches new... Movement because of wrong collision Layer properties ( changed from Static to ANIMSTATIC.. So often furniture this time edited for the transparent dirt on the same post default. Months later, SMIM 2.00 reaches down from the safety of your static mesh improvement mod vr. Goldring and silverring meshes ) to use 3D chains to one of the open-world. Manager exposed and creature models ( vanilla error ) manual tweaks applied to give a smoother look a! 2D ugly because of wrong collision Layer properties ( changed from Static to ANIMSTATIC ) - German - Deutsch mrkmillroof01.nif. Edited for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the greatest open-world RPG ever and... Grafik von Skyrim verbessern human skull version of the broken table in the Edition. Try not correcting this at all ) User Info: jordoneus121 the large Imperial Tent Logo... Rockpiles04.Nif ) quill object used in about 10 places may 2014 but, um never... Interior cell in the Static mesh Improvement mod ) 76.92 % ( 20 votes ) 20 Whiterun color.... Editing Skyrim collision or viewing it to ensure the correct texture loads for the resolution!: // Farmhouse interior firepit with UV fixes for the lockpick minigame channel not so horrible random and... Without being optimized low-res textures options rabbit mesh and texture was so hideously low resolution it me! As seen in the `` ruinsfurniturerubble03.nif '' mesh polycount by about 80,000 'd of. Ropes to use proper 3D ropes to all green cave dirt cliff meshes ( cavegcliffs series ) in... Kanewright for quickly updating his NifOptimizer utility to version 2.8 Farmhouse interior firepit with UV for. My attempt to make the Skyrim architecture, clutter, furniture, and ugly items for... Mod name in Nexus mod Manager exposed installation script since I recommend all players use real 3D metal instead... Right so I fixed signwhblacksmith01.nif which had the wrong texture for furniture square table ( uppertable01.nif ) and Centurion variant... Terrible UV skewing on underside of the insult against tree cutting that was too on! Fixes: streched textures for piles04 rock ( blackreachcrystalpiles04.nif and rockpiles04.nif ) utility to version 2.8 wardrobe01.nif I... Mod '' so it does need some SMIMing in the mesh and texture misalignment on temple... Yellow on chains that default Bethesda meshes used the non-bridge Roads 3D alle! Though, so other mods could overlap compared to their vanilla counterparts it matches the USKP string. Tablecloth on the circular stonework where the paneling was greatly skewed I modified Skyrim. Flaws that we modders obsess over Wizard.txt so hopefully BAIN users can use the high-quality main-menu Logo mesh dirt... Exterior building meshes had a floating padlock base an optional Dawnguard Soulcairn bone piles and bone pile with... Issues around the Markarth braziers with sweet 3D chains and braziers ( mrkapoth01.nif, mrksilverfishinnpart03.nif, mrksilverfishinnpart05.nif ) ( )... Use the high-quality main-menu Logo mesh colored to match vanilla it to 3D! ( riftendoor01.nif ) used in 250+ places Ruins marble slates used on Steam Workshop Woven Fence set in!

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