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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by adala37, Dec 25, 2019. adala37 New Member. It is of course up to you what route you go down, but if you’re here chances are you want to know how to shave against the grain without wrecking your skin. Preparing for a Close Shave. Shaving against the grain leaves your face with a minefield of bumps and scars. What happens when you shave against the grain is that the razor blade tugs the hair before it cuts it. The video is: I already set the time in the link so it can be seen best what I mean. Overtime you will experience that your healthy hair follicles or your healthy skin is resulting in a serious damage. 2 days ago i went to a barber and tell him to cut my beard with razor. Hi all, I was have a 2 months old beard. Before shaving it is important to map out your face. Going against the grain is when you shave against the hair, so if your hair is growing that way > you shave that way <. Whichever option you choose, stick with it for several weeks. Shaving against the grain. This is the wrong way to shave. If you use a double edge razor, or a straight (cut throat) or single blade (injector) razor, you would normally shave with the grain (1st pass), then across the grain (2nd pass). Here’s how you can shave against the grain while minimizing shaving irritation: First, determine the direction of your hair growth by rubbing your hand or a credit card across your face. This is the strongest argument, as people believe that you’ll get a much closer shave this way. Before shaving it is important to map out your face and in which direction the hair grows. But rather, a better way of doing things. If you go the other way, you are shaving “against the grain,” which, while it does get even closer to the skin, can result in those red razor bumps that come with ingrown hair. Unfortunately, the cons prevail over the benefits in case of this approach, as it also leads to razor burns, damaged hair follicles, and ingrown hair. Shaving against the grain pulls your hair back away from skin can increase the risk of ingrown hair which can swell up and turn into serious razor bumps. While shaving against the grain helps you get much closer to the skin, it also increases the risk of skin irritation, razor bumps, or even razor burn. The speedier method can also lead to razor burn, ingrown hairs and even scarring, he adds. If you shave against the grain, you'll get razor burn.-Scott. 1 decade ago. Categories Wet Shaving 3 Comments Post navigation. For example, usually your hair grows downward, so that the hairs are actually pointing downward, or toward your chin. Consider the steps above on your next shave and let’s hear your testimonies. Dyno. Avoid damaging your skin—shave with the grain. Grooming Shaving Shave with or Against the Grain? Shaving against the grain is a fool's errand. He shaved my cheeks and mustache WTG with the razor but when he started shaved my neck i feeled pulling. Cons of Shaving Against the Grain. When it comes to my chin area, I seem to always slice my face up. Anyone knows if he just using oil? By Kenneth K. July 11, 2018 No Comments. It may take a while for your skin and hair to adapt to this new experience. 53 Shares. The Fallen. Kevin. While shaving in the same direction as your hair grows (with the grain) might allow you to avoid irritation, it also can keep you from getting the close or smooth shave you want. We’ve heard this come up many times and feel it’s important that we share our opinion on this long-standing debate. 3 thoughts on “Shaving With The Grain : Mapping … Then you can shave against the grain (3rd pass) because by then you will only be shaving off what is left of the hair tip. Shaving “Against the Grain” assured you to get close shave but the risk of getting cuts and razor burns bumps are higher. Nappuccino. Much the same can be said of certain professions. If you don’t have sensitive skin, you should first try shaving against the grain. This makes them more likely to grow back under the skin as ingrown hairs. I shave with, it looks fine, my neck isn't a battlefield of gouges and torn skin. Shaving against the grain is going the opposite way, shaving upward, for example. Other idioms have a similar meaning to going against the grain. Usually you can get a closer shave this way, but it … While many men debate whether shaving against the grain should ever occur, others frequently use this method to gain a closer shave. Shaving against the grain gives you the power to make a closer cut to your skin compared to the results you get when shaving with the grain, but there’s a certain learning curve you’ll need to go through to get familiar with the process, especially if you’re going for the straight razor option. ... Shaving with the grain there doesn't work nearly as well as going against it. Definition of against the grain in the Idioms Dictionary. Against the Grain is dedicated to the quest for the perfect shave. According to a 2016 study published in the International Journal of Trichology, those with curly hair patterns are especially at risk of developing ingrown hairs when they shave because the hair is … Facial hair grows in all directions, especially around the neck. On the other hand, some experts maintain that shaving against the grain is worth the extra time and care you need to take because you’ll end up with a much closer and smoother shave. General CommentIt's about being a punk (AGAINST THE GRAIN), and Greg's experiences as a kid. Pin. What does against the grain expression mean? Question About Shaving Against The Grain. I’m now inspired. Shaving this way also creates a lot of ingrown hairs. So if you're shaving against the grain, you're catching the hair at the best possible angle for that first blade to grab it for the rest of the blades to cut it, but by doing so, you're also cutting it further below skin level than you would be if you were shaving with or across the grain. The direction in which you encounter resistance is ATG. The Fallen. Shaving against the direction of hair growth might be the fastest way to a closer shave. Shaving against the grain can be downright frightening, as images of cuts and ingrown hairs invade your imagination. He was beat up for it, because it wasn't the kids idea of music, which was music about sex, rape, and getting wasted, but still he remained against the grain, and … Many people advise not shaving against the grain because of ingrown hairs, redness, irritation, and many other maladies. There are some general guidelines that you can check out. When he was young he was outcast, and even more so when he got into punk rock, and when he had released the first Bad Religion 7 inch. Get to know the lay of the land: know your face shape and jawline, which direction the hairs grow and where they shift in direction. Shaving with the grain does not mean sacrificing the closeness of your shave. If you don’t have any razor bumps, there is a chance to look your face more reddish. “Shaving against the grain usually produces a closer shave and faster results - but is also more likely to cause irritation than shaving with the grain, says Matthew Gass from the British Association of Dermatologists. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. 1 0. against the grain phrase. Oct 25, 2017 5,796 . Shaving against the direction of hair growth gives a closer shave, but has two drawbacks: It’s a good way to donate blood, and; You run a high risk of cutting off a hair below skin level, causing an ingrown hair — the whisker grows into the surrounding tissue instead of out of the pore, resulting in inflammation and possible infection. To start, I go down the sides of my face (with the grain) then pass with the straight from nose to ear. 13 Before and After Shaving Tips To Prevent Razor Burn Bumps. face shaving tips: against the grain Whether to shave with the grain or against the grain (ATG) is one of the most commonly asked questions about shaving. Properly managed, shaving against the grain can actually produce good results. For example, a police officer would generally need to go with the grain. If you have wondered whether you should be shaving with or against the grain, it may interest you to know that there are suggestions available online. Step 2: Wash Your Face . Shaving against the grain can be very irritating to a man’s skin. Shaving against the grain causes the blade to harshly rake across your skin and cut hairs too short. Tweet. Your skin doesn’t need to be overly sensitive to be irritated or even damaged when shaving this way. Fact is, shaving against the grain is not as scary as people make it seem. In general, to shave with the grain, you’ll run the razor down your face, but up your neck. I have absolutely no problem going with the grain down my neck, but of course, I want to get that closer shave. I’m no longer resentful of shaving. Oct 25, 2017 7,241. I just watched a video on traditional japanese wet shaving and I am trying to understand how he is doing the shaving against the grain and what razor that is. What does against the grain expression mean? I asked to him why he replied ı … We strongly believe that with a little technique, a light hand, practice and good equipment, shaving against the grain is not only possible but will leave you with a smooth, and long lasting shave. Not in the sense of a return to tradition. Shaving against the grain is a great way to achieve a closer and faster shave. The direction in which you encounter resistance is ATG. 7 Close Shave Steps On How To Shave Properly Without Switching Razor . Each person has unique factors that can be considered in order to determine whether your shaving techniques are doing the best job for your pattern of facial hair growth. On the contrary, there are many ways to shave with the grain … Feb 14, 2020 #86 Safety razors routinely give me a better shave with less irritation. Here’s how you can shave against the grain while minimizing shaving irritation: First, determine the direction of your hair growth by rubbing your hand or a credit card across your face. Alternatively, you could shave across the grain on the 3rd pass but in the opposite direction. It is however noteworthy that you may have to begin with a straight razor or a safety blade. Lv 4. Share 53. Shaving against the grain increases your chances of developing painful, ingrown hairs. Now, you’re lying if you claim to have never shaved against the grain. Going against the grain, he questioned the meaning behind the level of [...] importance of the RL compared to the USL by saying [...] that we should in fact be happy that there are more elements on the RL than on the USL, and he did not think that it was a question of imbalance but rather that it was a desirable result. I also shave my head with it. A lot of us do it because it’s quicker and can lead to a “closer” shave. F*ck Big Shave! Shaving against the grain may be a little rougher, but it allows for the closest head shave. However, with a little technique, a light hand, and good equipment shaving against the grain is not only possible but will leave you with a smooth, and long lasting shave. The pressure from this method alone can cause rashes and razor bumps. I do really well with my straight razor shaving against the grain...on my face. Shaving against the grain would mean shaving up - which is more likely to cause razor burn and discomfort. (said joyfully)

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