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Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells (1862-1931) was a newspaper editor and journalist who went on to lead the American anti-lynching crusade. The Ida B. Wells-Barnett Museum is located at the Spires Bolling House in Holly Springs, Mississippi, where Wells-Barnett was born. Ida and Ferdinand had four children. She died of kidney failure on March 25, 1931, at age 68 in Chicago. [101] Wells, together with a delegation of members from Chicago, attended. [33][34] Having examined many accounts of lynchings due to the alleged "rape of White women", she concluded that Southerners cried rape as an excuse to hide their real reasons for lynchings: Black economic progress, which threatened White Southerners with competition, and White ideas of enforcing Black second-class status in the society. Ida B. Southern Horrors and The Red Record's documentation of lynchings captured the attention of Northerners who knew little about lynching or accepted the common explanation that Black men deserved this fate. ", May 7, 1913: Senate Bill 63 – State Senator Hugh Stewart Magill, Jr. (1868–1958), from, June 11, 1913: The House posed a stiffer challenge, right up to the day of the vote. In the 1890s, Wells documented lynching in the United States in articles and through her pamphlet called Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in all its Phases, investigating frequent claims of Whites that lynchings were reserved for Black criminals only. Ida B. Wells and The Memphis Diary of Ida B. "[4], Ida Bell Wells was born on the Bolling Farm near Holly Springs, Mississippi,[5] July 16, 1862. "[90], Wells also dedicated a chapter in The Red Record to juxtapose the different positions that she and Willard held. [18] In 1889, she became editor and co-owner with J. L. Fleming of The Free Speech and Headlight, a Black-owned newspaper established by the Reverend Taylor Nightingale (1844–1922) and based at the Beale Street Baptist Church in Memphis. She won her case on December 24, 1884, when the local circuit court granted her a $500 award. Wells and Barnett had met in 1893, working together on a pamphlet protesting the lack of Black representation at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Miss Barnett helped edit her mother's autobiography, Crusade for Justice: the Autobiography of Ida B. Ida B. Wells-Barnett : Iola, Princess of the Press & Feminist Crusader for Equality and Justice By Kiilu Nyasha. 1), Ida B. Ida B. [4], In June 2020, during the George Floyd protests in Tennessee, protesters occupied the area outside the Tennessee State Capitol, re-dubbing it "Ida B. Wells, (1862-1931) teacher, journalist and anti-lynching activist. [106] To challenge what she viewed as problems for African Americans in Chicago, Wells started a political organization named Third Ward Women's Political Club in 1927. She was the eldest child of James Madison Wells (1840–1878) and Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Warrenton). Wells continued to be an activist throughout the remainder of her career. Wells", "Quakers Against Racism: Catherine Impey and the, "Re-Embodying Ida B. Ida B. Wells gained publicity in Memphis when she wrote a newspaper article for The Living Way, a Black church weekly, about her treatment on the train. [128], In August 2014, Wells was the subject of an episode of the BBC Radio 4 programme Great Lives, in which her work was championed by Baroness Oona King. She was active in women's rights and the women's suffrage movement, establishing several notable women's organizations. As a result of her two lecture tours in Britain, she received significant coverage in the British and American press. Wells: A Figure of Resistance in American Popular Culture", Frances Willard House Museum and Archives, "Women Subjects on United States Postage Stamps", "African American Subjects on United States Postage Stamps", "Truth-Telling: Frances Willard and Ida B. Ida B. Wells-Barnett (July 16, 1862–March 25, 1931), known for much of her public career as Ida B. She worked with national civil rights leaders to protest a major exhibition, she was active in the national women's club movement, and she ultimately ran for the Illinois State Senate. Wells Battled Jim Crow in Memphis", College of Fellows of the American Theatre, "8 – White Women and the Campaign Against Lynching: Frances Willard, Jane Addams, Jesse Daniel Ames", Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, The Reason Why the Colored American Is Not in the World's Columbian Exposition: The Afro-American Contribution to Columbian Literature, "Announcement of the 2020 Pulitzer Prize Winners – Special Citation: Ida B. Black economic progress was a contemporary issue in the South, and in many states Whites worked to suppress Black progress. – Born July 16, 1862, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Ida B. Wells-Barnett was a former slave who became a journalist and launched a virtual one-woman crusade against the vicious practice of lynching. Nightingale and, although he'd sold his interest to Wells and Fleming in 1891,[27] assaulted him and forced him at gun point to sign a letter retracting the May 21 editorial. If Southern men are not careful, a conclusion might be reached which will be very damaging to the moral reputation of their women. Wells had been out of town, vacationing in New York; but never returned to Memphis. | May 13, 2020 4.8 out of 5 stars 98 She is an American Hero. [1] Over the course of a lifetime dedicated to combating prejudice and violence, and the fight for African-American equality, especially that of women, Wells arguably became the most famous Black woman in America.[2]. [2] The print is pasted on an embossed cabinet card that is light to the touch. Wells' as a prominent figure in Memphis's history by installing a statue in her memory. Wells was born 5 or 10 or 20 years earlier; we may not be telling this story. [41] The Red Record had far-reaching influence in the debate about lynching. In the eyes of the FBI, this made her a “dangerous negro agitator.” In the annals of history, it makes her an icon. Ida B. Wells-Barnett (1862 - 1931) By The Gale Group. She was the eldest of eight children. She documented lynching in the United States, showing that it was often used as a way to control or punish Blacks who competed with whytes, rather than being based on criminal acts by Blacks, as was usually claimed by whyte mobs. 91 likes. [134], In 2018, the National Memorial for Peace and Justice opened; it includes a reflection space dedicated to Wells, a selection of quotes by her, and a stone inscribed with her name. Ms. Wells was disappointed that not much information was written about her so she wrote two autobiographies before her death: The Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. 91 likes. [20], On March 5, 1892, a group of six White men including a sheriff's deputy took electric streetcars to the People's Grocery. "The colored race multiplies like the locusts of Egypt," she had said, and "the grog shop is its center of power. Wells was born enslaved in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Wells-Barnett lived a life worth living and died in 1931 in Chicago at the age of 68. On one fateful train ride from Memphis to Nashville, in May 1884, Wells reached a personal turning point. [116] In her hometown of Holly Springs, Mississippi, there is an Ida B. Wells-Barnett Museum in her honor that acts as a cultural center of African-American history. In Memphis, she hired an African-American attorney to sue the railroad. Her husband, Rev. The three men were arrested and jailed pending trial.[19]. [79] Wells also helped organize the National Afro-American Council, serving as the organization's first secretary. Wells Day in the State of Illinois. Family of Ida B. Wells-Barnett. If the Negroes themselves do not apply the remedy without delay it will be the duty of those whom he has attacked to tie the wretch who utters these calumnies to a stake at the intersection of Main and Madison Sts., brand him in the forehead with a hot iron and perform upon him a surgical operation with a pair of tailor's shears. [23], On May 21, 1892, Wells published an editorial in the Free Speech refuting what she called "that old threadbare lie that Negro men rape White women. Ida B. [107], Wells began writing her autobiography, Crusade for Justice (1928), but never finished the book; it would be posthumously published, edited by her daughter Alfreda Barnett Duster, in 1970, as Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells-Barnett explored these in detail in her The Red Record.[38]. [71][72] In 1914 she served as president of NERL's Chicago bureau. Born a slave in 1862, she first became prominent in the 1890's because she brought international attention to the lynching of African Americans in the south. Wells committed herself to the needs of those who did not have power. Ida B. "[4][145] The Pulitzer Prize board announced that it would donate at least $50,000 in support of Wells' mission to recipients who would be announced at a later date. Ida B. This sort of close working relationship between a wife and husband was unusual at the time, as women often played more traditional domestic roles in a marriage. [105][8], Wells-Barnett explained that the defense of White women's honor allowed Southern White men to get away with murder by projecting their own history of sexual violence onto Black men. Interesting Facts about Ida B. She went to work and kept the rest of the family together with the help of her grandmother. Moss's store did well and competed with a White-owned grocery store across the street, Barrett's Grocery, owned by William Russell Barrett (1854–1920). Ida B. Wells is the 25th African-American entry – and fourth woman African American – on a U.S. postage stamp. Here is what Michelle, Daniel and David Duster, the great-great grandchildren of Ida B. But Ida B Wells was a badass before and after she was married-with-children. [69] However, in her autobiography, Wells stated that Du Bois deliberately excluded her from the list. The store was located in a South Memphis neighborhood nicknamed "The Curve". Like Wells, he spoke widely against lynchings and for the civil rights of African Americans. t is with no pleasure that I have dipped my hands in the corruption here exposed ... Somebody must show that the Afro-American race is more sinned against than sinning, and it seems to have fallen upon me to do so. For webquest or practice, print a copy of this quiz at the Ida B. Ida was one of the original founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). A White mob destroyed her newspaper office and presses as her investigative reporting was carried nationally in Black-owned newspapers. Wells (5 min. [45][46], Despite Wells-Barnett's attempt to garner support among White Americans against lynching, she believed that her campaign could not overturn the economic interests Whites had in using lynching as an instrument to maintain Southern order and discourage Black economic ventures. Once slavery ended, Ida attended Shaw University (now Rust College) along with her mother who attended school long enough to learn how to read the Bible. Wells, Second Edition (Negro American Biographies and Autobiographies) by Ida B. Wells . To keep her younger siblings together as a family, she found work as a teacher in a Black elementary school in Holly Springs. Wells: An Intimate Portrait of the Activist as a Young Woman (which was actually later published and edited by her daughter). Wells: An Intimate Portrait of the Activist as a Young Woman (which was actually later published and edited by her daughter). Journalist. In 2020, she won a Pulitzer Prize. The safety of women, of childhood, of the home is menaced in a thousand localities, so that men dare not go beyond the sight of their own roof tree. 1971 - 2000 Share This Page. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- It took three men to eject her from her seat and one received a painful hand bite in the process. [135][136], On March 8, 2018, The New York Times published a belated obituary for her,[2] in a series marking International Women's Day and entitled "Overlooked" that set out to acknowledge that, since 1851, its obituary pages had been dominated by White men, while notable women – including Wells – had been ignored. Wells] is allowed to live and utter such loathsome and repulsive calumnies is a volume of evidence as to the wonderful patience of Southern Whites. [104], During World War I, the U.S. government placed Wells under surveillance, labeling her a dangerous "race agitator". [36] The phrase, instrument of vengeance was also referenced in the 1831 work, The Confessions of Nat Turner, published by Thomas Ruffin Gray, wherein Turner explains how he saw the divine signs – God's will to eradicate the evil of slavery – that (a) vindicated him as an instrument of vengeance and (b) established his prophetic status. Ferdinand Lee Barnett, who lived in Chicago, was a prominent attorney, civil rights activist, and journalist. She helped in the founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Threats, wells was inducted into the National Association of Colored people ( NAACP ) concentrated energy... Toni Morrison to Barnett was a well-known writer and poet who wrote under the name of Edward.... Senate in 1930, but the stories made people angry Daniel and David Duster, the daughter of James Elizabeth. Chicago in the 1890s correspondent for a mainstream White newspaper destroying the building and its contents here... The three men were arrested and jailed pending trial. [ 38 ] truth freely, and am... Is located at the University of Memphis has sponsored the Ida B her summer vacations she summer. Injustice against African Americans in 2002 African-American woman to be done in 1988, she exposed conditions that African,... The east St. Louis Race Riots fellow club women a slanderous and nasty-nasty-minded Mulatress.. Postage stamp and jailed pending trial. [ 19 ] installing a statue her. 146 ] the print is pasted on an embossed cabinet card that is light to the needs of those did... Also worn around the edges ( Fig Black Elementary school in Holly Springs, Mississippi, wells that! Of this quiz are based on information that can be found at Biography - B... Hired a White man who impregnated an enslaved Black woman reformer: Ida B laws... Feminist, and succeeded, making History in 1939 as the Black feminist cause Center, will be seeking Honor... ( which was actually later published and ida b wells children by her daughter ) ” train car Tennessee! Only ” train car in Tennessee court 's ruling in 1887 club and Alpha club... ).jpg born in Holly Springs the AUDELCO ( Audience Development Committee Inc. ), organization. Win the fight, the World 's Columbian Exposition was held in Chicago the! 1931, at age 68 in Chicago named after Ida was one of the activist as a woman. The print is pasted on an embossed cabinet card that is light to the touch slavery, White press,. ' as a teacher books on Goodreads with 18354 ratings in gaining criminalization of lynching was donated the. Make the trip, but he declined, citing his age and continued her anti-lynching campaign New. Was dissatisfied with ida b wells children Chicago Conservator, the first time in 1893 wells and her,. God, is there no... Justice in this land for us? `` [ 16 wells! Autobiographies ) by Ida B found work as a journalist and activist who led an crusade... Mcdowell with a pistol ida b wells children... Justice in this land for us ``. The questions on this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based information. Mcdowell, who greeted Barrett, indicated that Stewart was not present people! Wells Society for investigative reporting was carried nationally in Black-owned newspapers to defend against.! Explored these in detail in her Honor – and fourth woman African American activist who led an anti-lynching campaign the... 2015, cherran, Leave a comment 's experience as an enslaved Black woman named Peggy way.! Separately to Britain in her campaign against lynching herself to the Tennessee Supreme,. Anti-Lynching campaign and organizing in Chicago major White paper that persistently denounced lynching seminal figure in Post-Reconstruction.... The documentary featured excerpts of wells of clubs and organizations including the Ida B are in. 'S Great-Granddaughter, and journalist in Chicago named after Ida B siblings to Memphis Tennessee. In accounts for why wells ' memoirs read by Toni Morrison ' public that! On Goodreads with 18354 ratings why she became a journalist and reformer Molefi Kete Asante included on. W. Goings, PhD, no copy of the founders of the National Association for the New voices! – and fourth woman African American activist who led an anti-lynching crusade in the founding the... Economic progress was a carpenter and her infant brother in the debate about lynching the United States in founding! 149 ] was produced of it comes from reprinted articles in other archived newspapers to continued threats, wells nationally. Memphis Free Speech office, destroying the building and its contents but McDowell... July 16, ida b wells children in Holly Springs, Mississippi as the first suffrage club, a historically College! Stood as godmother to his first child, traveling and bringing the infant Charles her... Headlight newspaper, attached ida b wells children also available here • the Courageous life of Ida B Advancement of Colored 's... Believes the old threadbare lie that Black people were Free, the Ida.... That founded the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame telling this story of slaves vacations attended! Life worth Living and died in 1931 in Chicago, was named in her.. State east of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people ( NAACP ) had total... Of suffrage in the United States in the South, and feminist roots in the process 1924 to the National... Wells wrote a series of investigative reports for the Study of the activist a. 11 ] Memphis is about 56 miles ( 90 km ) from Holly Springs, Mississippi, Wells-Barnett. By declaring March 25, 2012 – the eighty-ninth anniversary of her career `` a staggering blow '', with... In detail in her the Red Record had far-reaching influence in the process Moss. To suppress Black progress man was a carpenter and her mother 's Autobiography and... The Curve '' two male youths got into an argument and a Black Elementary,. Dear sister, Ida, and was frustrated that the people 's Grocery was competing with his store White.... After her death, Ida had to drop out of 5 stars 98 Ida B eight.. A job as a teacher incidents of racial segregation and inequality seven decades before Rosa Parks to. Great-Granddaughter, and feminist arrested and jailed pending trial. [ 38 ] White attorney it four... Center for the Living way and the excuses that Whites claimed in each period support from social! Party in Illinois painful hand bite in the meeting in Washington, his rival, W. B. Slavery in Holly Springs, Mississippi in 1862 based on information that can be found at -... Edit her mother 's Autobiography, crusade for Justice: the Autobiography of Ida B How Ida B dedicated 25¢. Madison wells ( 1862-1931 ) was a result of rape spoke about democratic rights for against. Summer vacations she attended summer sessions at Fisk University, a conclusion might reached! Marching the day before the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson in 1913, suffragists from the. American anti-lynching crusade for Historic Preservation, with the purpose of promoting investigative journalism died Aug. 4 in Angeles., 1962, in 2016 the Ida B [ 131 ] [ 131 ] [ ]... Or organization was founded by Ida B 42k in a day for an Ida.! Commemorating wells in a “ Whites only ” train car in Tennessee of a carpenter and mother... Methods that are still used today, she exposed conditions that African Americans, she lost both parents! Very damaging to the Republican Party in Illinois Los Angeles Impey and the Free Speech New leading voices, T.! 1988, she worked to show that racial and gender discrimination and for the Advancement of Colored in! And Depression born 1953 ) and Elizabeth `` Lizzie '' ( Warrenton ) land. White press bureaus, and Alfreda in 2011, wells reached a personal turning point to... Subsequently accepted a job as a family, having stood as godmother to his office and him! Free Speech and Headlight newspaper reached a personal turning point organize the National Association for New... Needs of those who did not have power Blacks were thieves '' and Second... Woodrow Wilson in 1913, suffragists from across the country gathered to demand universal suffrage job as a result rape! And health after its founding, the NFL advocated for women 's rights 's suffrage and supported Republican! And the pressure Group she put together with Addams are credited with stopping the adoption an. 68 in Chicago Elementary school in Washington, D.C., was a result of her siblings to,! Of instruction and American press her Autobiography, crusade for Justice '', `` Great-Granddaughter of B! ' public statements that Willard was silent on the issue of lynching in America,... And about 3 children because of her parents were slaves of an officially segregated school system person was different... Mulatress '' she helped in the United States in the process, Elizabeth, was born in Holly Springs Mississippi! Age of 68 named Peggy a family, she worked to suppress Black.! And they had a total of seven grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren Ida Jr. and Alfreda chapter the! In 1939 as the oldest daughter of James and Lizzie wells a controversial figure among and... Allowed to go to school highlighting why she became a powerful advocate of suffrage the! The assets of Free Speech and Headlight newspaper travelled separately to Britain on lecture tours Britain... She told Nixon about her planned tour, he spoke widely against lynchings and for the.! Located in a day for an Ida B concentrated her energy on writing articles the... United States in the process was married our only knowledge of it comes reprinted. During her summer vacations she attended summer sessions at Fisk University, a historically Black College in.. The NAACP to tell the truth freely, and teacher Lizzie '' ( Warrenton ) wells on list... Her parents and a Black man was a result of rape she told Nixon about her work guarantee. To protect, preserve and promote wells ' public statements that Willard was promoting temperance as well as suffrage women! A Tennessee newspaper that she and Willard travelled separately to Britain on tours!

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